Reimagine the Candidate Experience

Compliance, fair hiring, and efficiency in one award-winning package

Set The Right Tone From The Start


By the time you’re screening candidates, you’ve invested a lot of time and money. You don’t want a bad background check experience to derail the deal. GoodHire’s award-winning True Me candidate experience gives you the peace of mind you need to know you'll meet your hiring deadlines and close the candidates you want.

Avoid Delays By Putting Candidates In Control

Avoid Delays By Putting Candidates In Control

The mobile-optimized GoodHire True Me experience lets your candidates enter their details and provide consent – right from their smartphones.

Once the background check is complete, they can review the results in the same kind of interactive online format available to you.

That all adds up to fewer data-entry mistakes and less time wasted with clunky PDFs, phone tag, and paper forms.

Simplify Compliance

High-profile fair-hiring stories, increasing EEOC oversight, and employment screening lawsuits make compliance seem daunting.

GoodHire’s in-house compliance experts keep an eye on regulatory changes to make sure consent, adverse action, and disputes – common lawsuit triggers – are handled according to federal and state regulations.

The end result? Protecting your business and ensuring candidates get a fair shot.


Home-Grown Support From “The Goodies”

You should never have to hear that a negative background check experience changed a top candidate’s mind.

GoodHire high praise in reviews

GoodHire’s friendly, knowledgeable US-based support team consistently earns high praise in independent reviews.

Experienced staff answers questions

Our experienced staff answers all your questions and provides the exceptional service you and your candidates deserve.

Individually Assess People With Criminal Records

Individually Assess People With Criminal Records

At some point, you’ll likely meet a great candidate who also has a criminal record – nearly 1 in 3 adults have one.

True Me helps you see the person behind the record by allowing candidates to write fact-based, insights-focused context directly in their background check results.

The context they provide gives you a clearer picture of what happened and what steps have been taken since the offense.

Elizabeth GoodHire Testimonial

"The quick and simple questions that are provided by GoodHire make it easy to complete the application for a background check. Within a few minutes, I actually received an email that my background check was now complete..."

- Elizabeth V., GoodHire Candidate