Identity Verification For Results You Can Trust

Verify candidate identities to make sure you get the right background check results.

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Trusted Inputs Mean Trusted Outputs

Tens of millions of identities are stolen each year, raising the risk that candidates may be using stolen identities on their background checks.

Identity Verification confirms that the legal name, date of birth, and address your candidates provide are their own. That means you can trust their background check results.

SSN Trace Isn’t Enough

An SSN Trace does not actually verify a candidate’s identity. SSN Trace finds out if an SSN is real, but if the identity is stolen, the SSN Trace would come back clear.

When screening remote applicants, GoodHire Identity Verification verifies that the personal details your candidate provides actually belongs to them.

GoodHire Identity Verification is another way we’re making background checks built for trust, safety, and fairness.

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