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Impress Employers by Sharing Your Report
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    A professionally verified education and employment history puts hiring managers at ease.

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    Whether you have a record or not, show hiring managers you’re prepared.

  • Know Who’s Interested.

    Employers must request access to see your results, giving you an idea of who has the most interest.


When Your Results Are Ready, You’ll Receive Your Own Secure URL

Post the link directly on your resume, applications, social profiles or job boards.

GoodHire verifies that only legitimate employers can request access.

You decide which employers get access to see your True Me results.

Best Places to Show Off Your GoodHire Results


Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Add the "Certifications" section to your LinkedIn profile if you have not already.
  • Name your new certification “Employment Background Check” and list “GoodHire” as the certification authority.
  • Copy your personalized link to the “Certification URL” section.

Your Resume

  • Add your personalized link as part of a contact or overview section in your resume.
  • Highlight the link color or use this small GoodHire logo to attract attention.Download Logo

Email Your Results Directly To Hiring Managers

From your results, enter an employer’s email address to send them a link.

After we verify their business is legitimate, they can access your results.