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If you’re looking for a company to make your job easier, respect your candidates, and even do a little good for the world – there’s really only one choice.

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GoodHire Does Background Checks Differently

Industry Incumbents
Candidate Experience Award Winning Outdated Unproven
Reviews High Poor Mixed
Customer Service US-Based Outsourced US-Based
Design Intuitive Old Basic
Corporate Structure Certified B Corp Investment-Bank Owned High Valuations To Prove

GoodHire has a simplified and user-friendly interface that focused on the lowest amount of information needed to run a successful background check. It was fast, clean and painless to use. GoodHire is a model of how a niche application should be designed from the end user perspective

Frank T., GoodHire Customer

It’s As Easy As It Looks

We deliver the modern, intuitive experience you’d expect from a technology company born in Silicon Valley.

GoodHire Step 1

Step 1
Enter Candidate’s Name and Email

GoodHire Step 2

Step 2
There Is No Step 2

We handle everything else. And we mean everything.

With just a candidate’s name and email, GoodHire takes care of the entire process.

GoodHire Takes Care Of It For You

Gets the candidate’s consent and any other necessary information

You Won’t Need To Change A Thing

Run Background Checks

Run background checks right from our website, no setup fees or sales calls required.

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Making Background Checks More Human

We’ve reinvented background checks to make them easier, faster, and more accurate. It doesn’t hurt that our customer service agents – the Goodies – are nicer, smarter, and better looking, too.

But as part of Inflection, a Certified B Corp, we have a unique commitment to candidates you won’t find anywhere else, bringing them into the process, so they feel empowered rather than judged.


B Labs recommends GoodHire to help meet their B Corp Inclusion Challenge.

We’re committed to promoting diversity and inclusion by eliminating the systemic inequality of traditional background checks.

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A Third of Society Is Being Left Behind

Candidates can provide more information about their records

70 million people in the US with criminal records We’ve seen firsthand how background checks can create barriers that keep people from moving past their mistakes.

We created comments for context Candidates can provide more information about their records directly in the background check.

Make faster, fairer hiring decisions This gives you more complete information about your candidate, so you can make better, fairer decisions faster.

Humanizing Background Checks - HR Happy Hour Podcast

GoodHire QuoteGoodHire is unlike the background checks you’ve heard of before. Their innovative candidate-focused, technology-enabled approach is very interesting.
I like what you are doing at GoodHire, keep it up!

Steve Boese, HR Happy Hour host & Co-Chair of the HR Technology Conference

Listen to GoodHire Cofounder, Brian Monahan  on the HR Happy Hour podcast

A Partner You Can Feel Good About

We believe it’s just as important to be best for the world as it is to be the best in the world. Imagine a world in which background checks make your job easier, your relationships stronger, and your community better. We did. And we’re making it a reality.

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